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TMG Test 2

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  • Instructions

    1. Make sure you understand each question: read it as many times as necessary. Please answer every question. You can give your opinion if you are uncertain about the answers. 
    2. Do not stay too long with one question. Answer it as soon as you understand it and go on to the next question.
    3. When an answer would be different if one considered the past rather than the present, answer as of the present.
    4. You have the choice of three columns in which to mark your answer. Plus (+) means mostly yes or decidedly so. Middle (m) means uncertain, maybe, neither definitely yes or no. Minus (-) means mostly no or decidedly no.
    5. Any comments you may care to make may be supplied at the end of the test.
    6. You may decline to answer this test or any question on this test on the grounds of personal privacy. Your declining to answer any question will not adversely affect your prospects in any screening, hiring, management, or administrative decision made by this company.