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Our Philosophy

MISSION: Our mission is to create and maintain environments that are safe, healthy, and efficient while securing the financial health of our investors and tenants. Our most valued assets are not the structures we own and operate, but the occupants and partners who rely on us to make sound and lasting decisions. Founded on an unparalleled dedication of service and entrepreneurial spirit, our mission is to drive sustainability for the common good.

VISION: Tālō Management Group envisions a future when our valued assets become a reflection of our shared responsibility to our business partners and the natural environment. We seek to achieve a balance between strategic sustainability initiatives and sound investment management. This balance enables us to seek opportunities that have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our building occupants, while strengthening our valued business relationships.

Tālō incorporates sustainability into each project, our services entail strategic planning, development of sustainable policies, sustainability guidelines for design, construction and operation and maintenance, implementation guidance, green building certifications, credit documentation, and personnel training for new buildings and renovations. To achieve these goals, TMG utilizes an experienced Sustainability Team that is responsible for working with the property teams on energy use programs and strategies. The team was created to help integrate energy efficiency best management practices and TMG’s Energy Policy with our building operations and energy management strategies.