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Energy Efficiency

From providing a single, targeted service to creating an integrated, multi-disciplinary team, Tālō Management Group can develop a customized, flexible solution that is tailored to your specific real estate, energy management and sustainability needs.

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Energy Audits

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Assessing current energy and water consumption levels and identify best practices and strategies leading to reduced energy and water consumption. Our audits provide solutions and recommendations for energy conservation and equipment upgrades, offering cost/benefit analysis which determines the feasibility for a “Green” retrofit both commercial and industrial businesses.

Energy Star Benchmarking

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We collect and create an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account, complete all required data entry and file all documentation. Additionally, we will maintain the Energy Star Portfolio Manager account on an ongoing basis, ensuring compliance with local and state energy and sustainability legislation.

Energy Monitoring & Tracking


Tālō helps owners, operators and occupants of buildings understand and control operational and energy costs. Providing a portfolio view of energy data from multiple buildings and connect all building systems to a single unified point of control.

Commissioning & Retrocommissioning

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Our Pasadena team conducts testing and recalibrating the base building systems to restore them to optimal performance. Conducting a study of an entire building(s); providing diagnostic monitoring and functional testing of building systems. Yielding the identification of many no-cost and low-cost energy saving improvements.

LEED Certification & Consulting


We provide an integrated approach that will assist you in achieving your sustainability-related goals. We manage projects from conception through certification to identify, evaluate and document all LEED point requirements. We assist streamlining the certification process and aligning sustainability goals with your business objectives.

Incentive/Rebate Maximization


With a database of federal, state, local and utility provider programs that is continuously updated, we ensure the accurate and appropriate incentives and rebates are applied to energy-efficient projects and upgrades. Our California energy efficiency professional works with your project planning team to pair and maximize incentives and ROI for each project specifications.

End-to-End Project & Installation Management

Project Mgmt

Our licensed and insured professionals work with the Tālō team to install and test all the equipment on your energy-efficiency job. Using independent contractors allows us to match the right skills with every job. And the Talo team takes care of the entire installation process – from scheduling to onsite supervision to post-installation testing and follow-up. Talo orchestrates entire Energy-Efficiency projects and implementation. Coordinating resources, personnel and vendor, insuring materials and paperwork are at the right place at the right time. We serve as a single point of contact from assessment to system start-up.

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