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Facility/Property Management

Oversight of the day-to-day operation and maintenance, personnel, security, janitorial services and other third-party vendors and contracted functions. Ensuring your property/facility meet local and state compliance, along with health and safety requirements. Maintain an exemplary customer service relationship between vendors, tenants and management. We will oversee and manage tenant service and maintenance requests, scheduled work, providing quality-assurance assessments upon completion of all work both in-house and contracted service providers.


By performing regular inspections on a routine basis, identify and correct situations before they become problems, and avoid the expense and the lost of productivity due to systems/equipment down-time. We propose to develop and implement a customized property inspection and preventative maintenance program specific to the 1930 & 2010 Wilshire properties. Our inspection and maintenance program will establish a calendared scheduling system to alter the facilities team of pending compliance testing dates, equipment service dates, ending of building component(s) useful life, in addition to daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual building inspections and maintenance/repair needs. Identifying a variety of factors, such as wear and tear, environmental effects, obsolescence (technical or commercial), revised compliance and safety regulations.


When afterhours facility or system-related issues arise, we will provide 24-hour on-call emergency response to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption to building operations.

Services include facilitating basic handy-man repairs, defective equipment replacement, system restarts, and emergency vendor sourcing and coordination.


Manage and maintain existing vendor relationships, review, negotiate and execute new project and vendor contracts. Advisement on contract interpretation, ensuring obligations and deliverables are managed, tracked and reported, in addition to managing contract changes. TMG will act as a liaison with vendors, contractors, service providers and building owners.