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Asset/Portfolio Assessments

Financial Analysis


Tālō Management Group combines commercial property management and accounting with ownership, financials, budgets, forecasts, construction and maintenance for a holistic view of your portfolio. Tālō Management Group’s well-prepared asset/portfolio assessments synthesize and translate your property requirements, providing the ability to expedite decision-making process.



We provide solutions and recommendations for energy conservation and equipment upgrades, offering cost/benefit analysis which determines the feasibility for a “Green” retrofit both commercial and industrial businesses.

Benchmarking provides a useful starting point for energy audits and for targeting building for energy conservation measures; allowing you to compare your facility with similar facilities nationwide. Improving a building’s efficiency can help make your facility, services, and operations more competitive in today’s marketplace.

Higher efficiency can benefit your building or company in many respects:

  • Reduce energy usage and costs
  • Lower downtime and repair cost
  • Improve system performance and productivity

Many energy-efficiency projects have quick paybacks. Consider these advantages:

  • Rebates and financial incentives from Utility Providers
  • Reduced costs and streamline operations
  • Risk Management – efficiency hedges against volatile energy cost
  • Improve energy performance and demonstrate social responsibility
  • Part of a larger commitment to reducing carbon footprint


Forensic Financial Analysis

Knowledge is a critical part of the service we offer our clients, and research is a key component of this knowledge. Our research team works in partnership with service professionals to provide our clients with the market intelligence required to support practical business decisions.  We provide multi-level support across all property types, ranging from data collection to comprehensive market analysis, including historical supply, demand, and absorption data, as well as transaction comparables.

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