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Green Operating Philosophy

Tālō Management Group understands the real estate challenges our clients are facing today in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability and other building best practices.

We acknowledge the importance of conscious of the environment in all that we do.  We feel it is our responsibility to conserve natural resources so that they will be available to future generations.

Tālō Management Group recognizes that our actions speak louder than words – for the offices that we occupy, and, on behalf of our clients, the locations we seek, the projects we develop and the buildings that we manage.

We advise our clients of sustainable building alternatives and project strategies that are holistic; involving their corporate culture, their clients/tenants, the environment, as well as their community.

Tālō Management Group operates our buildings to maximize energy efficiency, to reduce waste, and promote green cleaning practices to reduce the impact on the surrounding community and environment.

We supports the principals of BOMA‘s 7-Point Challenge to minimize use of natural resources, non-renewable energy sources and waste. And as a member the U.S. Green Building Council, we encourage and support the LEED accreditation of our employees.

It is our belief that we are not just stewards of our clients’ assets, but the environment as well.  Thus we advocate the communal responsibly to preserve and protect the environment for everyone’s benefit.